Shipping Policy

The speed and accuracy of delivery depends on the information you fill in when registering on our website, so please make sure to provide us with a valid mobile phone number in order to contact you when delivering your order

Free Delivery:

We offer next day free delivery for orders placed before 2PM on a purchase value above AED 75 within the city limits across UAE

AED 18 delivery charges will be applied for orders less than AED 75.

Minimum order value for delivery is AED 30.


Order Cut-off timing:

Monday - Friday

Orders made by 2pm - Next Day delivery 

Orders made after 2pm - Second Day delivery

Orders placed after 2pm on Friday and orders placed before 2pm on Saturday will be delivered on Monday; (Following Week)

Orders placed after 2pm on Saturday will be delivered on Tuesday; (Following Week)

Sunday orders will be delivered on Tuesday; (Following Week)


Delivery Schedule:

Delivery Schedule
Emirate Delivery Days
Dubai Daily
Abu Dhabi Daily (remote area delivery on Wednesday & Saturday)
Sharjah Daily
Ajman Daily
Umm Al Quwain Daily
Al Ain Daily (Remote area delivery on Monday , Tuesday & Wednesday)
Fujairah Daily (Remote area delivery on Saturday)
Ras Al-Khaimah Daily (Remote area delivery on Saturday)



However, please find details of remote areas delivering schedule here  REMOTE AREAS.

Our official working days are from Monday to Saturday, and that delivery is not available on Sundays, holidays and public holidays.

Delivery Service Provider - SKY NET

You may click on the link provided to track your order.

Delivery Tracking:

For any follow up or tracking of orders, you can contact us at or call us at +971 58 176 8081