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The BisQu Story: Filling a Gaping Hole in the Marketplace

Our story begins with cookies – the consummate snack that everyone from kids to adults has always loved to munch on. While the market is saturated with cookie products boasting all manner of false promises with regard to health benefits and premium ingredients, the Dofreeze corporation decided to go down a different route with the BisQu brand, filling a gaping hole in the marketplace with the launch of wholesome Oat Cookies in the fall of 2020.

Finally, cookie enthusiasts the world over can enjoy their favorite flavors but with truly healthy attributes. The BisQu Oat Cookies in Chocolate Chips and Coconut varieties are made with 25-percent real oats and contain no added colors or preservatives, while the unparalleled FIT Oat Cookies – a reimagining of the classic cookie with even healthier elements – boast whole grains and less than four grams of sugar and 79 calories…to say nothing of the fact that they’re a great source of fiber.


What’s Behind Our Tagline?

The brand messaging is simple and bold: Cravings Made Better.

That means there’s no more sacrifice when it comes to great-tasting cookies and healthy snacking – BisQu allows you to indulge in the best of both worlds.  

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