COVID-19 Safety Precautions

What You Need to Know About Dofreeze LLC

Safety Precautions 

The Dofreeze organization is 100-percent dedicated to our employees, vendors, and customers, and as such, we have been taking the threats of the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) very seriously. We understand that to protect our business, employees and customers in the midst of this unprecedented outbreak, we have to take precautionary measures – and, of course, do a lot of hand-washing in the process.


Dofreeze COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Protecting a business during this pandemic means much more than just giving our facility and its machines a good scrubbing; it also means preparing for the worst and keeping our staff – and customer/retail base – well-informed. To that end, we have put safeguards in place to protect the entire infrastructure of our operations, and have even revamped emergency preparedness plans…some of which are directly related to sanitizing everything our staff and any visiting parties may have come in contact with.

We have broken this approach into four key areas:

Your Safety — Our Top Priority

Dofreeze is ensuring the following, for your peace of mind:

  • Our machines and equipment are extensively sanitized and cleaned several times a day (every few hours)
  • Our factory workers frequently wash their hands and utilize government-approved hand sanitizers
  • Our factory workers wear a mask, gloves and protective gear 
  • We follow a strict COVID-19 protocol, practice social distancing and implement minimal movement SOPs, in addition to assuring staff is monitored by supervisors.

Dofreeze COVID-19 Safety Precautions - YOUR SAFETY 02


Keeping Our Products Untainted at 350-Degrees Fahrenheit 

There’s absolutely no need to worry about what our products may have been exposed to prior to packaging; consider:

  • Our products are baked at 350-degrees Fahrenheit for additional disinfection effectiveness 
  • Our products boast a shelf life in excess of six months

Dofreeze COVID-19 Safety Precautions - Keeping Our Products Untainted


Conserving Freshness, Protecting YOU 

As we mentioned above, keeping the workplace as clean as a whistle is our first priority at Dofreeze, and this ensures that:

  • Our packaging protects consumers from environmental contamination and seals freshness

Dofreeze COVID-19 Safety Precautions - Conserving Freshness


Choosing Packaged Bakery Products 

While it may seem like an obvious fact, we must reiterate that packaged bakery products – especially in the midst of an outbreak such as the one we’re currently enduring – are safer than those offered fresh from a bakery. 

Amongst other things, this is because:

  • Pre-packaged bakery products are freshly sealed and safe, completely immune from human contamination

Dofreeze COVID-19 Safety Precautions - Choosing Packaged Bakery Products

Having a carefully-coordinated and well-thought-out approach to the coronavirus helps mitigate risks for employers while reducing many employee concerns, and Dofreeze is dedicated to taking this even further by doing everything we can to keep our beloved consumers/end-users of our products safe.