Bake Naturly Banana with Oats Breakfast & Healthy Muffins

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Packaging: 40g x Pack of 4 per box (160g)

The Bake Naturly Banana with Oats Breakfast & Healthy Muffins relish fruity banana flavor which is complemented by buttery, nutty oat overtones, making for a healthy and delicious morning treat unlike anything on the market. As with Bake Naturly’s other health-conscious products, the muffins represent a great source of fiber with reduced sugar levels, solid prebiotic characteristics, no added preservatives and no artificial colors, and are made with whole grain oats and whole grain wheat.

The individually-wrapped snacks in four-muffin packs were specifically crafted by Bake Naturly bakers – in a similar fashion to the brand’s wholesome bars – to “naturally energize the morning” while keeping active lifestyle types “going throughout the day.”