Bake Naturly Gluten-Free Breakfast & Healthy Bar

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Packaging: 38g x Pack of 6 per box (228g)

BAKE NATURLY Soft-Baked Gluten Free Bar is made with gluten-free brown rice flour, oats, buckwheat, and vegan-friendly with prebiotics. They also boast high fiber content, no preservatives, no artificial colors/flavors, and no added sugar.

Products such as ours are often labeled “gluten-free” because there are no grains added – but our bar is made with special kinds of grains in the form of gluten-free brown rice flour, oats, and buckwheat, with the benefit of being vegan and having no added sugar or nuts. This bar is not just for people with conditions such as celiac disease but also for those seeking a normal and healthy lifestyle and who want to include gluten-free snacks in their diet.